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Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies



The MSc-program consists of courses in environmental sciences and studies and an independent research thesis. The degree "Master of Science in Quantitative Environmental Sciences" (MSc in Quantitative Environmental Sciences) is awarded by the University of Zurich. The regulations of the MSc-program are listed in the documents "Rahmenordnung" and "Studienordnung" of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Zurich (in German).

All students are required to have a bachelor's degree from a Swiss University or equivalent, sufficient knowledge in mathematics and physics (including statistics and methods of empirical social science research) equivalent 10 ECTS Credits; biology and chemistry equivalent 10 ECTS Credits and environmental sciences equivalent 8 ECTS Credits. Knowledge in environmental sciences should be acquired mainly from courses in environmental sciences during bachelor education, either at the University of Zurich or at other universities.
The language of instruction is English. It is strongly recommended that applicants whose mother tongue is a language other than English or who have not followed all their secondary and tertiary education in English to submit test results of a language test. The level of C1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is required. The C1 Level corresponds to a minimum number of points scored on the IELTS or TOEFL examinations.Recognized English certificates.

Program start
A new class of master students starts every year in September.

Courses and assessment
The curriculum consists of the modules UWW 210 - UWW 290. Each module contains two courses offered by the Institute of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies of the University of Zurich. The content of the courses and the course modalities can vary.

Each module is graded (weighted mean of the grades obtained in the courses a module consists of). Course grades are based on performance and achievement, using a variety of assessment modes (evaluation of field measurements, presentations, oral or written exams). Course modalities are given at the beginning of each course.

Master thesis
The thesis work for the MSc in Quantitative Environmental Sciences is based on an independent research project carried out during the second and third term in one of the research groups at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies (Suggestions for Master's projects). An oral presentation, in which the student presents the thesis work, is an integral part of the MSc-program. 60 ECTS Credits will be awarded for the successful completion of the thesis and the oral presentation.

Graduates of the program are awarded a Master of Science (MSc) degree: "Master of Science in Quantitative Environmental Sciences". The total number of ECTS Credits units required is 90 to complete the Master's degree (30 ECTS Credits for the courses and 60 ECTS Credits for the thesis. The grade of the Master's degree is the weighted mean of the grades of the individual modules and the Master-thesis (at least 4.0; i.e. sufficient).

More information about the exam procedure and the regulations concerning repeat exams are given in the "Rahmenordnung" and the "Studienordnung".


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