Specialised Master's Study Program in Quantitative Environmental Sciences

General introduction and overview

Environmental sciences deal with human, animal and plant resources and researches the reciprocal dependencies between man, human culture / civilization, and animate and inanimate nature. The discipline Quantitative Environmental Sciences on the Institute of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Sciences is specialized in interdisciplinary research of biodiversity.

Education goals

The specialized Master's study program provides students with an in-depth scientific education and the skills needed to carry out independent scientific work. The incorporation of various subject-specific skills in an interdisciplinary "class" results in synergies for joint projects. This specifically promotes the ability to work as part of a team.

Fast Track

Excellent student with a Bachelor’s degree may apply for a fast track program. The students follow the curriculum in the quantitative environmental sciences Master’s study program and integrate the results of the master thesis into their doctoral thesis. The fast track program may save ambitious students up to two semesters.


Master of Science in Quantitative Environmental Sciences (MSc in Quantitative Environmental Sciences)

Course description

The Specialised Master's Study Program consists of courses in environmental sciences and studies and an independent research thesis.

Duration / ECTS

1.5 years (90 ECTS Credits)




All students with a bachelor's degree from a Swiss University or equivalent, sufficient knowledge in natural sciences and, preferably, attendance of courses in environmental sciences during bachelor education can apply.

Please note: A letter of acceptance cannot be provided before the interviews in February!

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Possible Minor Combinations

In your Master's studies you can combine a major study program with a minor study program earning 30 ECTS credits. With an additional minor study program, students can expand individually as a function of their interests their competencies to round out for the job market. 

The minor program can be chosen from among the entire range of subjects. 

Minor Study Programs