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Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies



Who may apply?
Both Swiss and foreign students with a BSc degree or equivalent.

I will complete my BSc degree during the summer 2022. May I apply?
All students who will complete their BSc degree by the end of September 2022 may apply for the academic year 2022/2023. Students who will complete their degree after the application deadline must enclose either a statement from their home university to certify that the student will complete the BSc degree by the given deadline, or a list of courses attended including course marks ("Leistungsausweis").

Do I need a German language test for my application?

When does the semester begin?
The academic year is divided into two periods (spring term / fall term).
For informations please contact:

Please note: Some courses are arranged outside these dates! The students accepted for the Master's program should arrive by September 1st in Zurich.

Do you provide scholarship in the program?
No, but there are a few federal grants, please check:

I do not have a degree in biology. Does the program offer tutorial courses for people coming from another field?
No. A successful participation in the program requires a certain amount of biological knowledge. We do not provide tutorial courses in this field. You can apply without being a biologist, but you should prove that you have basic knowledge in biology - in particular in ecology - and basic knowledge in environmental sciences.


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