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Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies

Research Areas

At the Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies, we are dedicated to advancing the scientific understanding of living organisms and their interactions in the environment.
We employ a multidisciplinary mixture of approaches from ecology, evolution and environmental sciences to study a wide variety of organisms and ecosystems.
We conduct cutting-edge research, innovative student training, and regular public outreach. We further complement our endeavour for high quality research and teaching with close scientific collaborations and student exchanges with first-class institutions in Switzerland and abroad.
We foster a philosphy of scientific practice and training that highlights the ethical responsibilities of scientists to their colleagues, society and the environment.
Pteropus Seychellensis
Animal Behaviour
Covers the fields of social behaviour focusing on cooperation, cognition and communication in mammals, as well as conservation aspects and the human-companion animal relationship.
Ecology & Environment
Covers the fields of plant and animal biodiversity, ecosystem research, population biology, molecular ecology, soil ecology, disease ecology, environmental microbiology and biotechnology, remote sensing, conservation, environmental education, perception of biodiversity, environmental history, human changes to ecosystems.
Baby Squid
Evolutionary Biology
Includes evolutionary biology of eukaryotes and prokaryotes. Areas of interest are adaptation, natural and sexual selection, life history evolution, phenotypic plasticity, host-parasite coevolution, speciation and phylogenetics, and the genetic basis of evolution.

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University of Zurich

Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies
University of Zurich
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