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Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies

Summer 2017

Biotic Interactions - Mechanisms and Functions Graduate School Workshop


There has always been a genuine interest of biologists on biotic interactions with plants as they shape communities and mediate responses to environmental factors. Substantial research has recently examined interactions in plant communities, uncovering the importance of positive interactions and exploring in detail the mechanisms by which interactions take place, how they control the structure and function of communities, and their implications for changing paradigms of classic ecological theory. Research on plant interactions is also establishing links to some of the most important current ecological issues, including the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem function and the impacts of global change. It is therefore a suitable time to review progress in the field and analyzing the wider implications of interspecific interactions for ecosystem functioning. This school will address the bulk of research carried out in the last 10 years on biotic interactions with plants, which has led to a tremendous growth in community ecology. The goal is to engage the current generation of young scientists in moving the field forward.



Prof. Ragan M. Callaway, University of Montana, USA
Prof. Christopher J. Lortie, York University, Canada
Prof. Rob W. Brooker, The James Hutton Institute, UK
Prof. Richard Michalet, University of Bordeaux, France
Dr. Francisco I. Pugnaire, CSIC, Spain
Prof. Lohengrin A. Cavieres, University of Concepción, Chile
Dr. Christian Schöb, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Dr. Bodil Ehlers, Aarhus University, Denmark

The graduate school is funded through SUK-Programm "Doktoratsprogramme".

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Biotic Interactions - Mechanisms and Functions Workshop