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Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies

Qualifications and Application

The Life Science Zurich – PhD Program in Ecology is highly competitive. In general less than five applicants per period are invited for an interview. Besides the applicants' qualifications, the availability of adequate PhD positions at a given time is a main criterion for successful acceptance. Students accepted into the program will perform their research project in one of the associated research groups, according to their scientific interest and available positions.

Applicants need to fulfil the following requirements:

  • A Master's degree (MSc) or equivalent from a university before starting the PhD Program in Ecology
  • Sufficient knowledge in ecology / environmental sciences (equivalent 10 ECTS-points) and in mathematics (including statistics) and physics (equivalent 6 ECTS-points)
  • Excellent knowledge of English

Application procedure:

All applications have to be addressed to the Life Science Zurich Graduate School. Application deadlines are December 1st and July 1st. To proceed to the application please click here.

Applications are evaluated by an admission committee. Selected candidates are then invited for an interview which will take place in Zurich in early February for the deadline of  1 November and in early September for the deadline of 1 May.

Final acceptance depends on:

  1. passing the interview
  2. finding a PhD position in one of the participating research groups
  3. satisfying the formal admission requirements of the UZH or ETHZ.

Candidates with own funding can be accepted if they pass the interview and find a PhD supervisor in one of the research groups. Accepted candidates should start their work within six months of acceptance to the program.
Candidates who have already got a PhD position (including an interview) can apply directly for the program (email). Please provide us with the full name of all interviewers and the date of the interview.

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