Michael Griesser

Table of contents

Research Interests

My research explores the evolution of family living in birds, showing that family living is a pivotal steppingstone for the evolution of cooperative kin societies. I rely on a long-term study population of Siberian jays, a family-living bird species, to explore the evolution of kin cooperation and cognition using field experiments, population models, genetic tools and comparative work. I am also engage in the FutureGreenForestry project looking into the link between avian biodiversity and forestry in Central European and boreal forests.


Education and Professional Positions

2017 - 2019 University of Zurich, Department of Evolutionary Biology: Associated Researcher
2015 - 2016 University of Zurich, Department of Anthropology: Senior scientist
2012 - 2015 University of Zurich, Department of Anthropology: SNF Förderprofessur
2010 - 2012 University of Bern, Department of Ecology and Evolution: SNF Förderprofessur
2009 - 2013 Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden) Department of Ecology: Assistant Professor
2003 - 2008 Turku University, Sheffield University, Uppsala University: post-doc
1999 - 2003 Uppsala University (Sweden): PhD in population biology
1991 - 1997 University of Zurich: MSc in zoology