Luca Cornetti

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Research Interests

I'm interested in applying genetic and genomic methods for answering evolutionary questions in wild species. In particular, during my postdoc, I have been investigating the genetic mechanisms that prevent Borrelia infection in rodent populations. Specifically, I would like to understand how only a small percentage of natural hosts (bank vole, Myodes glareolus) become Borrelia infected, although they are commonly infested by ticks throughout their life, and therefore encounter the pathogen on a regular basis. For addressing this question, I use a combination of Next Generation Sequencing and candidate gene approaches.

I'm also interested in analyzing how genetic diversity varies along altitudinal gradients in bank vole populations and the main drivers that shape the observed genetic pattern.


Education and professional positions

2015 - 2017 Postdoc at the Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies, University of Zurich, Switzerland. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Barbara Tschirren
2014 Postdoc at the Department of Life Sciences (Silwood Park), Imperial College London, UK. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Vincent Savolainen
2010 - 2013 Ph.D. student at Department of Life Science, University of Ferrara, Italy (supervisor: Prof. Giorgio Bertorelle) and in collaboration with the Biodiversity and Molecular Ecology Department, Fondazione Edmund Mach, Italy (Conservation Genetics group, supervised by Dr. Cristiano Vernesi)
2009 Field and laboratory research assistant at Center of Alpine Ecology, Trento, Italy
2007 - 2008 Master student in Molecular Biology, University of Ferrara, Italy