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Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies

Molecular Evolution and Evolutionary Systems Biology

Molecular Evolution and Evolutionary Systems Biology

Our primary interests revolve around evolutionary innovations and adaptation in systems that range from molecules to biological networks. How do metabolic and regulatory networks enable innovation? How important are gene duplications for innovation? What is the role of genetic robustness, neutrality, cryptic variation, phenotypic plasticity, and cooperation in facilitating innovation? To ask these and many other questions, we use computational and bioinformatic methods, mathematical modeling, as well as in vitro evolution and laboratory evolution in E. coli, yeast, and other organisms.

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Head of group: Prof. Dr. Andreas Wagner

Research themes

  • Robustness and innovation in living systems
  • Genetic and metabolic networks
  • Evolution by gene duplication
  • Evolution and cooperation in transposable elements
  • Reverse engineering of genetic systems
  • Evolvability of signaling circuits
  • Conceptual foundations of evolutionary theory


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