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Lab excursion 11 October 2018

National Museum Zurich

Lugano Ticino

We visited Lugano on a very rainy day, which was pretty unfortunate weather for an average day in Ticino. Lugano was still beautiful: we walked through the old via Nassa, saw the modern Art & Culture center (LAC), had a relaxing walk along the lake and a quick glance at Parco Ciani. For lunch we went to one of the best Pizzeria's in town where the food and service were great. In the afternoon we visited Swiss Miniatur where we learned that there are lots of wonders scattered around the cantons of Switzerland that still need to be explored.

Lab excursion 04 May 2017

National Museum Zurich

National Museum Zurich

We visited the National Museum in Zurich and learned a lot about Swiss history but also enjoyed other exhibitions.

Botanical Garden Zurich

Botanical Garden in Zurich

After a boot trip on the river Limmat we had a very special tour at the Botanical Garden in Zurich, guided by Prof. Peter Linder and Peter Enz.

Suzuki Award 17 March 2017

Yamasaki Eri Award 2017

Dr. Eri Yamasaki honored with Suzuki Award 17 March 2017 at Waseda University of Tokyo, Japan.
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Lab excursions February & July 2016

Heuberge, Grison

February excursion to Heuberge, GR

We went skiing and snow hiking and we also had a traditional Swiss cheese fondue there.


Brissago TI

July excursion to the island Brissago, TI

The picture in front of the pool is on the Island Brissago, TI were we visited the botanical park and enjoyed the mediterranean atmosphere.