Conant G. C. and Wagner A.

This is the home page for the find_max_cover program.   This program will find the combination of local alignments that covers the maximum number of residues in a query sequence.


Conant, G. C., and A. Wagner, (2004) A fast algorithm for determining the best combination of local alignments to a query sequence, BMC Bioinformatics, 5: 62. [PDF]

Downloading find_max_cover:

Building find_max_cover:

To  build under Linux or other platforms with g++, type
% tar xvf find_max_cover.tar
% cd find_max_cover
% make

You make need to modify the makefile for platforms without g++.

find_max_cover Documentation (PDF)

Example program input and output:

Below are three example input files for find_max_cover.  The differences between these files is described in the documentation above.  The correct output from these inputs is also provided: The BLOSUM62 matrix is built into find_max_cover.  To use other matrices (such as PAM250), you will need those matrices to follow the format show here.

Contact Information:

Further questions and problems should be reported to Gavin Conant: email:


Copyright © 2003 Gavin Conant and Andreas Wagner

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