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Material cost of gene expression[Link]
for data shown in Figure 1a and Figure 2a of
Bragg, J.G.,
Wagner, A. (2009) Protein material costs: single atoms can make an evolutionary difference. Trends in Genetics 25, 5-8. [reprint request]


Energy cost of gene expression [Link]
The data in the linked file contains information on the log-transformed fractional energy cost under respiratory and fermentative conditions for 2097 yeast genes where the necessary information is available, as discussed in
Wagner, A. (2007) Energy costs constrain the evolution of gene expression. Journal of Experimental Zoology (Molecular and Developmental Evolution) 308B:322–324 [reprint request] .The latter publication is a follow-up to an earlier paper (Wagner, A. (2006) Molecular Biology and Evolution 22:1365–1374). [reprint request] .) It incorporates genome-scale information on protein decay rates that was not available earlier.