Ph.D. level

Zurich's research groups in Evolutionary Biology are host to a highly diverse group of international graduate students. A competitive Ph.D. Program in Evolutionary Biology exists under the umbrella of the Zurich Life Science Graduate School. This program aims to attract the most promising young scientists from across the world to Zurich. For questions about Ph.D. studies, please contact the Graduate School, individual group leaders, or the administrator of the Ph.D. program.

Classroom teaching

Below is a selection of courses (co-)taught by group leaders listed on this web site. This list is not exhaustive. In particular, it does not include all foundational courses in Biology.

Advanced Population Genetics: BIO782

Anthropologie: BIO 133

Aquatic Communities: 701-0446-00L

Biology of Reproduction: BIO361

Conservation Genetics: 701-1450-00L

Diversität der Wirbeltiere: BIO 363

Ecological Genetics: Research Seminar: 551-1701-00L

Ecology and Evolution: Genetics: 701-1413-00L

Ecology and Evolution: Populations: 701-1415-00L

Evolution: BIO 113

Evolutionary Biology: 701-2414-00L

Evolutionary Biology: Field Course: 701-1414-00L

Evolutionary Developmental Biology of Primates: BIO 207

Evolutionary Ecology of Infectious Disease: Current Topics: 701-0263-01L

Evolutionary Genetics of Primates: BIO205

Evolutionary Morphology of Vertebrates - Issues and Methods: BlO262

Experimentelles Feldpraktikum: Verhalten, Oekologie und Evolution: BIO380

Field and Lab Course in Aquatic Systems: 701-0420-00L

Forschungspraktikum Verhaltensbiologie: BIO358

Foundations of Molecular Evolution: BCH640

Frontiers in Animal Behaviour: BIO331

General Biology: 551-0101-00L

Guarda-Workshop in Evolutionary Biology: 701-1424-00L

Introduction to Population- and Evolutionary Biology: 701-0245-00L

Modelling Course in Population and Evolutionary Biology: 701-1418-00L

Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics: BIO222

Morphometric Analysis: BIO208

Paläobiologie und Evolution der Echinodermen: BIO275

Paleobiology and Evolution of Invertebrates: BIO264

Paleontology and Biostratigraphy: 651-3420-00L

Plant Pathology II: 751-4504-00L

Population Genetics Reading Group (Beginners): BIO784

Field and Lab Course in Aquatic Systems: 701-0420-00L

Principles of Evolution: BIO364

Research Practical in Evolutionary Biology: BIO378

The Evolution of Human Nature: BIO215