External Software Downloads

The Systems Biology Research Tool can utilize multiple forms of external software, that is, software not included in its API. This page contains links to some of the libraries that can be used by the Systems Biology Research Tool.

The GNU Linear Programming Kit

The GNU Linear Programming Kit (GLPK) can be used by numerous processes of the SBRT. Two files make this possible: the Java archive glpk.jar and a shared library file, which must be compiled specifically for the operating system and architecture on which it will be used. Compiled libraries for the most common operating systems and architectures can be downloaded below. Both glpk.jar and the shared library should be placed in the SBRT's lib directory.

Operating System Compiled Library
Windows XP (32 bit) glpk_jni.dll
Linux (x86) libglpk_jni.so
Linux (x86-64) libglpk_jni.so
Mac OS X (universal) libglpk_jni.dylib