The most recent version of the Systems Biology Research Tool can be downloaded below. Earlier versions can be obtained from the distribution directory.

Operating System Installation Package
Windows sbrt_windows_2_0_0.exe
Unix or Linux
Mac OS X sbrt_macos_2_0_0.dmg

Each of these files is executable in its respective operating system. If your operating system is not listed above, or if the installation package is not working properly, please download instead.


When executed, the installation packages will perform the entire installation process.

If the zipped version was downloaded, it must be unzipped and the script sbrt in the bin directory must be appropriately modified before it can be used. A Java Virtual Machine must be installed separately as well.

The documentation for the SBRT is located in its doc directory. The file index.html in that directory can be opened in a web browser, like Firefox or Internet Explorer, and can also be added as a Bookmark or Favorite.

For additional convenience, the user may wish to permanently add the directory sbrt-<version>/bin to their command path. The method to achieve this depends on the operating system.

Setting the Windows PATH

Setting the PATH variable in Windows only affects the usage of the SBRT from the command line. If the graphical user interface is used exclusively, setting the PATH is unnecessary. To add the SBRT's bin directory to the Windows PATH:

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Click Advanced → Environment Variables.
  3. Add the location of the SBRT's bin directory to PATH. A typical path is:

    C:\Program Files\Systems Biology Research Tool\sbrt-2.0.0\bin

See Microsoft's website for additional information.