Conant G. C. and Wagner A.

This is the home page for the GenomeHistory program.   GenomeHistory is a program for locating duplicate genes in a genome and studying their evolution.


Conant, G.C., Wagner, A. (2002) GenomeHistory: a software tool and its application to fully sequenced genomes. Nucleic Acids Research  30, 1-10. [PDF]

Other Required packages:

GenomeHistory uses the Washington University BLAST implementation  ( to screen for promising matches and clustalw   to align candidate duplicate pairs.  To run GenomeHistory, you will also need to download and install these two packages.

Downloading GenomeHistory:

Installing GenomeHistory:

For details on installing GenomeHistory, please consult the INSTALL file, also included in the tar archive.

GenomeHistory Documentation

Supplemental Data for NAR paper

Contact Information:

Further questions and problems should be reported to Gavin Conant: email:


Copyright © 2002 Gavin Conant and Andreas Wagner

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