SGS 2016

Urban Ecology Summer School and Symposium


"Maximising Biodiversity in Urbanized Landscapes: Learning from the past to plan for the future"

The course aims to provide participants with familiarisation with extensive and varied topics in Urban Ecology, including subjects such as; landscape changes, biodiversity in cities, conflicts between animals and humans, environmental policy, Ecohealth, and climate change. Students should expect to critically consider existing approaches towards urban ecology with the goal of creating more democratic and sustainable forms of urbanization. Invited speakers will include experts from SWILD, BAFU, WWF, WSL, and various international organisations. It is an opportunity for students to interact and network.

Course Objectives:
To develop a thorough understanding of the influence of urbanization and urbanized areas on ecosystems, ecosystem services, and human societies.
To learn fundamental approaches to urban ecology research.
To gain insights into urban ecosystems and organisms in urban environments.
Active participation in class discussions on specific topics in urban ecology.
To interact with external researchers in the field of urban ecology.



Community Ecology Workshop


The priority of nature conservation is to maintain and restore species and natural habitats of community interest.

The aim of this workshop is to provide a broad overview over the basics of plant population, vegetation and ecosystem ecology essential to interpret the European Habitat Manual.

The  workshop combines lectures, practical and excursions. The most important families of the European flora will be presented, and participants will learn how to use dichotomous keys. The most important habitat types of Switzerland will be described in the field. We will discuss biodiversity patterns and ecological processes, and their implication in a context of local-to-global environmental changes.