Student Events

The PhD program in Ecology not only provides an excellent scientific environment but also offers a rich student life. Courses, student meet-ups over lunch and the annual meeting are organized for students to offer them opportunities to discuss problems, exchange ideas and present their work in a relaxed environment far away from the sometimes demanding and competitive daily grind. Furthermore, events like this build and strengthen friendships and team spirit.

Annual Meeting and Symposium 2017

The first LSZGS PhD Program in Ecology Annual Meeting and Symposium was held on the 1 March 2017.


Top row from Left to Right: Jana Petermann, Jeremy Fox, Sharon Lawler, Tobias Züst
Bottom row from Left to Right: Cheng Choon Ang, Yana Yankova, Gianalberto Losapio, Aurélie Garnier

This event provides a unique opportunity for students to showcase their research and network within their peer circle, as well as with PI's in the program, Alumni of the Program and guest speakers. Program and Abstracts (PDF, 448 KB)


Symposium Guest speakers included:

Jeremy Fox-

Sharon Lawler -

Jana Petermann -

Tobias Züst -

Aurélie Garnier, Gianalberto Losapio, Yana Yankova, Cheng Choon Ang, PhD Students in the PhD Program in Ecology, gave insights into their research projects in a short presentation. First and second year students presented their research proposals during a poster session apéro.



Hölloch Muotatal, Switzerland

4.12.2010 - 5.12.2010

A weekend full of adventure awaited the PhD students participating in this retreat. The group spent two days exploring one of the biggest cave systems in the whole world. Their expectations were met and the students left the Hölloch with unforgettable memories.

Students underground
No place for claustrophobia

Davos Laret, Switzerland

4.12.2009 - 6.12.2009

Two days in the winter-wonderland of Davos filled with snowshoe-hiking, sledging and a seminar about restricting scientific presentations to the essentials. Two days full of good presentations, hearty food and a lot of fun.

Snowshoe-hiking by night
Winter-wonderland of Davos

Davos Sertig, Switzerland

6.12.2008 - 7.12.2008

The focus of this retreat was team-building. The students could practise their team-spirit during an igloo-building seminar. Afterwards the students were equipped with warm sleeping bags to spend the night in their very own igloo. For sure an unusal experience!

Happy crowd
The students' igloos