SGS 2010

Summer School in Leadership and Management

The very first SGS addressed the topic of "Leadership and Management" and was held in Weggis, canton Lucerne (Switzerland) in July 2010. The course was offered by Binaïs Ltd Services. As suggested by the Evaluation Report 2009 it focussed on skills that are required and expected from academics that enter the job market. The roles of managers and leaders within a company as well as innovation processes and concepts of change were introduced in theory and deepened in various group exercises. Topics that were selected by the participants of the course included: "Innovation", "Running a company from a leadership point of view", "Developing tomorrow's leaders", and "Leading change from a biological perspective".

Below you can find feedback of some of the participating students:

"I got a very good feeling of the different roles of leaders and managers within a company. Also the role of leadership in an innovation process became clear."
Rogier de Jong

"I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and group-task dynamic and relaxed environment. Very well organized and I hope you can offer it to PhD students again!"
Leyla Alexandra Davis

"Good mixture of theory and practical work with insights in innovation processes and designing business-concepts."
Bettina Schirrmeister

"The course gave me an interesting insight approaches and ways of thinking that also inspired me for my PhD. I especially liked the innovation part that also motivated me to be more innovative."
Franz Bender

"To work together with a group of international people inspired me a lot. I also learned how innovation can be created in a group."
Egon Blatter