BIO355 practical in zoo biology


Students will work independently on a weeklong project at Zoo Zürich, applying aspects learned and discussed in BIO354 (Zoo Biology). For example, students will gain experience documenting and analysing behaviour of zoo animals, how to apply concepts that allow for environmental and behavioural enrichment, or animal welfare in a Zoo.

Time and Place

One-week course, 2 ETCS
20 – 24 June 2022
Max. 14 participants
See BIO355 Flyer for additional details!


At the end of the module, students will possess some of the following competences:

  • how to plan, carry out, and critically discuss a scientific project
  • how to review and critically discuss relevant literature
  • how to present a project and its results to a larger audience


  • BIO144 Data Analysis in Biology

  • BIO122 Behavioural Biology

  • BIO354 Zoo Biology