Annabelle Constance

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Research Interests

For my Ph.D., I will focus on an island ecosystem, Aldabra Atoll, which is similar to other low-lying islands severely threatened by the threats of climate change. My main aim is to forecast how this system will behave in future, changed conditions so as to inform the management of the site. Specifically, my interests are time series analysis of remote sensing data, species-habitat modelling and island ecosystems.


Education and Professional Positions

2018 - present Ph.D. student, Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies, University of Zurich, Switzerland. University Research Priority Program on Global Change and Biodiversity (URPP GCB)
2017 Projects and Science Coordinator, Seychelles Islands Foundation (SIF), Seychelles
2015 - 2016 M.Sc. Environmental Science, University of Zurich, Switzerland (thesis title: Mangroves on Aldabra – habitat change trends, stand structure and species composition)
2012 - 2015 B.Sc. (hons) Environmental Science, University of Seychelles (specialisation in climate change resilience; thesis title: understanding the variation in leaf growth rates of Lodoicea maldivica; a dominant species of the palm forests of Seychelles), Seychelles