Next Generation Sequencing Discussion Group (NGG)

At the Next Generation Sequencing Discussion Group (NGG), we discuss recent publications on exciting evolutionary and medical topics that exploit next generation sequencing technologies -- taking a critical approach to understand how such technologies may also aid our own projects. In addition, we exchange solutions on technical and analytical challenges related to the use of these new technologies. Our goal is to provide a friendly environment in which both novices and experienced researchers can learn something new.

Weekly meetings

We will be resuming meetings this autumn after our summer break. The content of upcoming meetings is announced on a mailing list, so write to Kathleen or Natasha to sign up. Come along with friends and colleagues, and feel free to bring some food or coffee. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Special seminars

We occasionally invite speakers to give a talk that is of wider scientific interest.

Annual Retreat

Our 2015 annual retreat took place in June at a beautiful hotel in Möschberg (Grosshöchstetten). As invited speakers we had Jeff Jensen, Daniel Wegmann and Naiara Rodriguez-Ezpeleta with us during our two day meeting. Ever wondered what happens when you take 15 biologists interested in bacteria to a Swiss cheese factory? Feel free to ask any of our participants!