Environmental Education & Perception

The group of Petra Lindemann-Matthies studies experimentally how people perceive and appreciate biological diversity and which factors influence their perception and appreciation of diversity. We are also interested in the evaluation of educational programmes in nature and environmental education, both in schools and elsewhere using an empirical and quantitative approach. In particular, we are interested in the influence of specific educational programmes on people's perception and knowledge of plant and animal diversity. We consider linking fundamental research with practical applications to be very important.

Former head of group: Dr. Petra Lindemann-Matthies

Research themes

  • Education for sustainable development as an induction framework for novice teachers: quality educators for quality education
  • Perception and awareness of biodiversity – a comparative study between students from urban and rural areas in Argentina and Europe
  • Ethical arguments of experts and laypersons in the ecological debate on the use of GM plants in agriculture.