If you would like to apply for a SNSF professorship, we require that your application is sponsored by a faculty member within our department. This member will typically be close to you in terms of research interests. If he or she would like to sponsor you, you will be invited to give a seminar and possibly meet with other members of the department. Subsequently we will discuss your interest and credentials in a meeting of professors. Since all these steps require time, we recommend that you initiate contact with your potential sponsor at least six months before the fellowship deadline. In addition, we note that the space situation is difficult at the Irchel campus, which means that flexibility in space usage as well as space sharing may be required.

Research Areas
Animal Behaviour
Covers the fields of social behaviour focusing on cooperation, cognition and communication in mammals, as well as conservation aspects and the human-companion animal relationship
Ecology & Environment
Covers the fields of plant and animal biodiversity, ecosystem research, population biology, molecular ecology, soil ecology, disease ecology, environmental microbiology and biotechnology, remote sensing, conservation, environmental education, perception of biodiversity, environmental history, human changes to ecosystems
Evolutionary Biology
Includes evolutionary biology of eukaryotes and prokaryotes. Areas of interest are adaptation, natural and sexual selection, life history evolution, phenotypic plasticity, host-parasite coevolution, speciation and phylogenetics, and the genetic basis of evolution.
Fellowship & Fund Raising
DEBES Grants 
SNSF Starting Grants - we support candidates.
Fellowship & Fund Raising
There may be multiple fellowships that you are eligible for.