Services - child care, libraries, ZORA, OLAT, IT

Child Care
Looking for Child Care places? Varied information is available (in German).

University Zurich Research Data Base
Academics of the University of Zurich can inform themselves online about their research projects.

University Zurich Main Library
Medicine Careum / Science / Study Center - and much more.

ZB - Zentralbibliothek Zurich
The Central Library is the main library for the canton, the city and the University of Zurich.

ZORA - University Zurich Open Repository and Archive
Provides open and worldwide access to the research and scholarly output of the University of Zurich, Switzerland focusing on qualified scientific publications.

OLAT - Online Learning and Training
Web-based open source Learning Management System (LMS) for continuing education in university teaching and learning.

University Zurich - Central IT / Informatikdienste
Learn how to access basic services and infrastructure which are essential to all of us (in German with some English content available).