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Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies

Safety information

Swiss authorities require certain items to be stored in vehicles in case of an emergency.

For example, one such item is the emergency road triangle. If it is not in the cabin of the vehicle, you will be ticketed. Thus, keep track of all items, do not remove anything and, if needed, store as previously found.

The Autobahn-Vignette and the mandatory country sticker (CH) are already in place.

Vehicle check

For everyones safety, please follow these guidelines:

  • Check tire pressure and fuel gage regularly,
  • use model specific fluids only according to vehicle's manual (if possible, check with our mechanic before you leave),
  • troubles with the vehicle, tell us,
  • (new) scratch or dent - write us an email & send photos,
  • clean the vehicle (interior / exterior) before returning keys.

Failure to clean vehicle
If you do not clean the vehicle, we will have to outsource it and charge you the full amount.
There is a convenient car wash just behind Bahnhof Oerlikon and another one near Letzigrund stadium.

Vehicle models

All vehicles listed are parked at the Irchel public parking garage on level D. Use the elevator and exit to your left. All vehicles are parked in the middle strip (not along the walls). Look for the IEU sign in front of the cars.

Model Fuel Type Licence Plate Transmission Seating Color
Mercedes Vito leaded (Diesel) ZH 458 580 automatic 9 / 3 red
Toyota HiAce leaded (Diesel) ZH 623 075 manual 5 / 2 white
Toyota RAV unleaded ZH 436 226 automatic 5 / 2 grey
Toyota Yaris Cross hybrid ZH 960 107 automatic 5 / 2 white
VW Amarok - 4WD unleaded ZH 368 477 manual 5 / 2 white
VW Caddy unleaded ZH 698 498 manual 5 / 2 white
VW T5 leaded (Diesel) ZH 791 935 automatic 9 / 2 white

Fuel cards

Each vehicle has an individual TCS-BP-Routex fuel card assigned. You can purchase gasoline, windshield fluids, etc. at reduced costs at all BP-Routex gas stations throughout Switzerland.

Refill the vehicle if the fuel gauge shows less than ⅔ of a tank filling.

The TCS-BP-Routex fuel card is valid throughout Europe. Purchases like soda, candy bars or other snacks etc. are not permitted.. 

These cards require a password and PIN code. Make sure you get the information before leaving from

Links to BP-Routex and TCS app.