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Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies

Required papers for (first time) drivers

Potential driver

  • You need to contact your group secretary well in advance if you require a vehicle,
  • for first time users only - send her a combined, scanned copy of your driving licence's front and back side (see example (JPG, 32 KB))
  • if you have been living in Switzerland for more than one year, your foreign driving licence may no longer be considered legal (in Switzerland). Make sure, you check this before trying to reserve a vehicle (information in German),
  • if you need a specific vehicle for your field work or to transport something, this is the time to let her know.

Group secretary

  • She will fill out the proper authorisation form and get the signature from your professor or group leader (for new drivers and/or new professors / group leaders)
  • and contact us at, that you are (a new driver) in need of a vehicle.


  • First time drivers: do not send any files/information to IEU IT. Send it to your secretary who in return will complete your information and send it on to us,
  • we will prepare all the necessary paperwork for you and book the reservation in the database,
  • first time drivers must stop by our office personally at least one day ahead of scheduled trip to allow for proper instructions like where the vehicle is parked, answer any questions you might still have and let you sign the required authorisation form (insurance requirement).