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Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies

Administrative tasks


We require a control sheet for each completed journey (round trip or one leg if driver/car changed).

  • If not done already by the previous driver, place the thicker cardboard-divider between the following (higher numbered) white and yellow sheets – do not separate the two identically numbered sheets,
  • write the starting kilometre number into the vehicle journey log sheet booklet (if not done already by the previous driver).
  • if a booklet is nearly done (3-4 pairs of sheets left), tell us so we can issue a replacement.

Example of Vehicle Journey Log Sheet
Example of Vehicle Journey Log Sheet


  • All fields on the form must be filled in,
  • copy the current, end kilometre number of your trip onto the next record sheet for the following driver (into the Departure field),
  • remove the yellow copy from the previous driver/trip and return it together with the white copy of the current trip and the car key to IEU at Y25-G-66B,
  • do not remove the yellow copy of your current trip from the book,
  • kindliest leave the pen in the folder, thank you!

Check out vehicle before leaving

Make sure the vehicle is in top shape. You must inform us of possible problems like scratches, dents, missing items or dirty interior / exterior. Failing to do so will result in extra costs for you as the last driver. Contact details