Department vehicle rental


The department allows IEU staff to use vehicles for teaching, field work and transporting goods.

Before you set off, there is initial paperwork to be completed for insurance purposes. Follow up reservations require much less paper. Send an email to or stop by our office. Specify the type of vehicle you require and let us know any specific details that are important to know. The more details we get from you, the better we can plan for a successful trip.

During the field season vehicles can be scarce.

Before and after

There is some administrative work to be done before you leave and again after you return but we kept it to a minimum.

Safety & fuel information

Switzerland has some different rules and laws than the EU and the remaining European countries. Familiarise yourself with the basics before you leave.

Details about fuel rebates can be found here.


Should you experience a breakdown or accident, you are required to follow these steps.

Know what do to before you set off.