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Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies

File Servers

Institute file server migration

General information:

The institute file servers (group server) and (user server) are being migrated to a new location and to new hardware. Along with that, there will be the following changes:


Server name

There will no longer be two separate servers for user shares and group shares, but only one single file server for all data. The name of the new server is:



We will have two shares on the new server, Users and Groups.

All user folders will be in the "Users" share, again sorted into subfolders by the first letter of your UZH short name.

All group folders will be in the "Groups" share.


Connecting to the new file server:

All shortcuts, aliases, network locations etc. need to be recreated (i.e. delete the old one and create a new one).

From Mac: smb://               (Please note: The AFP protocol is no longer supported!)

From Windows: \\\Users and  \\\Groups

Use the same user name and password (UZH short name & password) as before, i.e.

Mac: your_UZH_short_name your_UZH_password

Windows:\your_UZH_shortname your_UZH_password


Instructions for the new file server


How to find out your AD user name and set a password? (PDF, 592 KB)

How to connect to the  new institute's file server from a Mac (PDF, 701 KB)

How to connect to the new institute's file server from Windows (PDF, 800 KB)


If you have questions, please contact Tina Siegenthaler ( or Michel Nakano (

Bei Fragen wendet euch bitte an Tina Siegenthaler ( oder Michel Nakano (



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