Wagner Lab Research

University of Zurich

Institute of
Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies




Open Positions

We currently have an opening for a postdoc in theoretical or computational biology, as well as for a postdoc in experimental laboratory evolution.


Ph.D. positions and Postdoctoral Positions

We encourage your application if you are a prospective PhD student or postdoc, even if no specific positions are advertised here, or if none of the listed projects are of immediate interest to you. For an application, we need a single (!) PDF file that contains a CV including publications, a statement of research interests, and three references. From Ph.D. student candidates we also need an academic transcript (a list of grades in university course work), scanned and appended to the same PDF file. We will not consider applications that are obviously "mass-mailed".

Lab members are a group with very diverse backgrounds and research projects, unified by their interests in evolution and /or fundamental organizational principles of life. The lab has in the past hosted students whose primary education was in biology, but also physics, mathematics, or computer science. For best consideration of an application, a strong background in biology is desirable. Fluency in a major high-level programming language is also a must. Depending on the project, skills in applied mathematics, statistical physics, or experimental skills in molecular biology/biochemistry may be needed.

The working language in the laboratory (and in many laboratories at the university) is English. German skills are helpful but not necessary.

Zurich is a highly attractive city in beautiful surroundings, with a multinational population, and many educational and recreational opportunities.