Contributions in the Media 2017

  • First Detailed Decoding of Complex Finger Millet Genome
    (2017-06-05), Prof. Dr. Kentaro K. Shimizu,  UZH Media
  • Diverse Landscapes Are More Productive and Adapt better to Climate Change
    (2017-09-04), PD. Dr. Pascal A. Niklaus,  UZH Media
  • Artists Target Ibexes
    (2017-08-31),  Prof. Dr. Lukas Keller,  UZH Media 
  • La difficulté de détecter le déclin des plantes alpines
    (2017-05-08), Prof. Dr. Frédéric Guillaume,  RTS Radio Télévision Suisse (in French) 
    • Alpenpflanzen anders gefährdet als gedacht
      (2017-05-05), Prof. Dr. Frédéric Guillaume, (in German)
    • Climate Change-Driven Extinction of Alpine Plant Species May Go Undetected
      (2017-05-05), Prof. Dr. Frédéric Guillaume,   Seeker
    • A dynamic eco-evolutionary model predicts slow response of alpine plants to climate warming in Nature Communications
      (2017-05-05), Prof. Dr. Frédéric Guillaume,   DOI: 10.1038/ncomms15399
  • Action Required: Invasive Fungus Is Killing European Salamanders
    (2017-04-19),  Dr. Benedikt Schmidt,  UZH Media 
  • Research team analyses biodiversity in the Glatt
    (2017-04-17), Prof. Dr. Florian Altermatt,   TELE Z - Report: Interview with Prof. Dr. Florian Altermatt (in Swiss-German)
  • 13 Millionen Euro Fördergelder für fünf UZH-Forschende
    (2017-03-27), Prof. Dr. Andreas Wagner, "Störungen und Robustheit in der Evolution neuartiger Proteinfunktionen",  UZH Media (in German)
  • In Zürich ist Platz für den Wolf
    (2017-02-21), Dr. Gabriele Cozzi,  Tages-Anzeiger, Stefan Hohler (pub type: online, in German)
    • A novel socio-ecological approach helps identifying suitable wolf habitats in human-dominated landscapes
      (2017-02-17), Dr. Gabriele Cozzi,   UZH Media
  • Early onset of winter leads to smaller snow voles in Graubünden
    (2017-01-26), Dr. Erik Postma,  UZH Media